Wild Mint

Wild Mint (Mentha aquatica L.) is an herb with purple flowers and a strong aroma. It has been used extensively in traditional medicine and is still consumed as a beverage today.

Available either grated or in a bunch.



General Information

Wild Mint, the scientific name Mentha aquatica L., belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is a perennial plant that blooms from July to October and its seeds ripen from September to October. Its flowers are usually purple and it has a very strong aroma.

Health Benefits and Uses

Leaf tea has traditionally been used to treat fevers, headaches, digestive disorders, and various other ailments. It is also used for mouthwashes and gargles to treat sore throats, mouth ulcers, and bad breath. After all, it is not accidental that mint is strongly associated with mouth care products. The essential oil of the leaves is antiseptic, however, in large quantities, it can be converted to toxic.

Available Forms

  • In a bunch
  • Grated

Origin: Albania

Caution! Herbs should not be consumed uncontrollably. Consult your doctor before consumption. They are not substitutes for drugs and can cause side effects and allergies.