Savory (Satureja Trouba)

Savory (Satureja Trouba) is an aromatic plant reminiscent of oregano and thyme. It is used in cooking and in the preparation of honey.

Available grated.

Origin: Greek


General Informations

Savory (Latin name: Satureja Trouba) is a perennial shrub of the Lamiaceae family. It blooms from July to October. For its development, it prefers temperate climates for this and that is why it is found in Southern Europe, Africa, and Mediterranean areas. Aromatically it is associated with Oregano and Thyme. It is consumed as a decoction, used in cooking, and very often combined with honey as it gives it a special taste. It is harvested in the summer when the plant is in bloom and can be used both fresh and dried.

Health Benefits and Uses

In ancient times they used it to sting bees and perfumed their salads with it. Its use in cooking is justified by the fact that it acts as a digestive. At the same time, it stimulates the appetite and stimulates the body. Due to its expectorant properties, it is used in cases of cough and cold. Externally, creams that contain savory as an ingredient can help with arthritis pain.

Available Form

  • Grated

Origin: Greece

Caution! It is not recommended for pregnant women. Herbs should not be consumed uncontrollably. Consult your doctor before consumption. They are not substitutes for drugs and can cause side effects and allergies.