Rose (Rosa Gallica)

Rose (Rosa Gallica) is found in the form of a shrub. Its petals have anti-bacterial properties and can fight depression. Its flowers are used in many fields such as cooking, decoration, etc. Especially popular is a sweet made out of rosebud.

The dried rosebuds are available.


General Informations

Rose (Latin Name: Rosa Gallica) belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is found in northern and central Europe. It is a deciduous shrub that blooms from June to July.

Health Benefits and Uses

Its flowers can be consumed as a beverage. They are even used in cooking as a dessert, in jams, cakes, etc. Rose water is an ingredient that enhances the taste of sweets, necessary for the preparation of local sweets in Turkey under the name “Turkish Delight”.
The petals have anti-bacterial abilities. They are often taken as a drink to treat colds, diarrhea, and depression. It is a source of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and E and at the same time has a high concentration of flavonoids which makes it a good antioxidant. As a result, it binds free radicals and is thought to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Finally, its essential oil is used in aromatherapy to treat depression and anxiety.

Available Forms of Rose:

  • Buds (Dried)

Origin: E.U.

Caution! Herbs should not be consumed uncontrollably. Consult your doctor before consumption. They are not substitutes for drugs and can cause side effects and allergies.