Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria)

Meadowsweet or Mead Wort (Filipendula Ulmaria) is an herb that is considered one of the best remedies available. It helps with digestion and general stomach problems, such as gastritis. It has a strong antioxidant effect. Finally, it is considered the natural substitute for aspirin.

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General Informations

Meadowsweet or Mead Wort (Latin Name: Filipendula Ulmaria) belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is an herbaceous plant that grows mainly in mountainous areas. Its collection takes place when the flowers of the plant are in full bloom. It is native throughout most of Europe and Western Asia.

Health Benefits and Uses

It is considered one of the best remedies available. It has a protective and soothing effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, soothing nausea. Therefore, it helps digestion and acts as a general digestive and tonic agent. At the same time, it is used to treat heartburn, hypersensitivity, gastritis, and peptic ulcer. Due to its mild astringency, it can also be used to treat diarrhea in children. An analysis of the bioactive compounds available explains why it can reduce fever and relieve rheumatic pains in both muscles and joints and for the treatment of arthritis is combined with Angelica and Itia. In fact, it is considered a natural type of aspirin. Finally, it has a strong antioxidant effect and protects the body from the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.

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Caution! Mead Wort must not be consumed if there is sensitivity to salicylates.

Herbs should not be consumed uncontrollably. Consult your doctor before consumption. They are not substitutes for drugs and can cause side effects and allergies.