How to preserve them?

First of all, between these two types of herbs, there is a different way of cooking and preserving. Fresh herbs should be wrapped in a damp towel and stored in a plastic bag with as little air as possible on the inside as it is recommended by Martha Steward. Air is one of the factors alongside with humidity that initiates processes which will lead to spoiling the raw material. However, the exception of a low percentage of moisture which in this case comes from the towel will retain the green color.

Dried herbs on the other hand should be stored in a cool and dry environment, without being exposed to the sun. The less contact the herb has with the air the more intense its aroma and taste will be. So, pay close attention to the packaging. A good idea will be to note the date of opening on the package so that you can check whether it is good to be used or not.

The right way to cook them

Another important difference is their cooking time. For the fresh herbs, it is recommended to add them in your delicious food at the end of the cooking time. The less contact they have with heat, the more they will keep their color and nutrition. So, you can finely chop them and add them. In contrast, dried herbs should be added earlier in order to release their aroma and enrich your every taste with more flavor as if it will be possible. In fact, because during the drying process its concertation of water is lowered to the minimum and as a result, the taste is more powerful, a smaller amount should be added compared to fresh herbs.

Both of them have their pros and cons, but what you will choose will be the one that suits you best during your daily task of cooking.

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