Essential oils should be used externally in small amounts as they can lead to corrosion. They should not be taken orally and when they are used externally it is recommended to be tested beforehand in a small area for possible allergic reactions.

Lavender: is known for its calming effect though its unique aroma. It relaxes the whole body and helps to sleep. When used externally it also reduces swelling and itching from insect bites.

Chamomile: is has soothing properties but is known for its external use in cases of skin problems such as inflammation and eczema.

Rose: its unique aroma calms and relaxes the mind and the body. Due to its high antioxidants, it can also be used externally in cases of acne and as an anti-aging agent.

Hyssop: used externally to reduce scars due to its healing properties, while it also reduces inflammation.

Spearmint/ Peppermint: is used externally to relieve muscle pain, sunburn, and itching. Furthermore, spearmint can repel unwanted insects due to its aroma.

Basil: due to its anti-inflammatory properties it can be used in cases